Saturday, 24 January 2015

Nidaros ordo

Sunday 25 January. CONVERSION OF SAINT PAUL, double. Commemorations of the third Sunday after Epiphany, and of St Preiectus, martyr.
Monday 26. St Policarp, bishop and martyr, three lessons.
Tuesday 27. Feria III.
Wednesday 28. Second [feast] of St Agnes, virgin and martyr, three lessons.
Thursday 29. Feria V.
Friday 30. Feria VI.
Saturday 31. Sabbatum.

The anthem after Compline is Nesciens mater.

Next Sunday is Septuagesima, so alleluya will be sung for the last time at None on Saturday.

St Preiectus/Praejectus is a bit of a collector's item: French, but honoured in some English books. This is the Norwegian Church showing her English roots, I suspect.

And why does St Agnes have two feasts? The second looks like it ought to be an octave day, but is always presented as second, and separate, feast. Did one of them mark a translation of her relics? I'm sure this is terribly easy to find out, but perhaps you already know and can save me the legwork!