Thursday, 22 January 2015

Authentic Hildegard?

On a recent posting of Stevie Wishart's Vespers for (N.B. not of) St Hildegard, a reader comments on the inauthenticity of the pronunciation. Yes, I suppose all those post-Tra le sollecitudini "chees and chaws" are a bit out of place in the music of the twelfth-century German abbess, but how far should performers be subject to criteria of "authenticity", given that we know so little about how, where, when, by whom and even, quite honestly, whether, Hildegard's music was performed during her own lifetime? So here are some further inauthentic Hildegard performances.

Hildegard with a selection of old but not actually medieval instruments:

Hildegard with a Tibetan singing bowl:

Hildegard von Bingen: O Ignis Spiritus - Bep Pierik from Veasonic on Vimeo.

Hildegard sung beautifully by Jocelyn West but overlaid with extraneous noises by the director of Twin Peaks:

Hildegard with funny little jingly stick things:

Hildegard grafted onto Swedish folktronica:

Hildegard practically lost among the orchestration, visuals and cosmic twaddle:

And what is probably my favourite Hildegard performance on the internet - the excerpt from Ordo virtutum which begins at 1:13:00:

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