Saturday, 21 November 2015

Nidaros ordo

Sunday 22 November. Twenty-Fifth and Last Sunday after Trinity. Commemoration of St Cecilia, virgin and martyr. Anthem after Compline: Ave regina celorum.
Monday 23. St Clement, pope and martyr. Com. St. Felicity. Sub tuum presidium.
Tuesday 24. St Crisogonus, martyr, three lessons. O florens rosa.
Wednesday 25. St Katherine, virgin and martyr, nine lessons. Rogamus te.
Thursday 26. Feria V. Ave stella matutina.
Friday 27. Feria VI. Mundi domina.
Saturday 28. VIGIL OF ST ANDREW, apostle. De te virgo.

This brings us to the end of the liturgical year. I hope you have enjoyed these glimpses into the Nordic past, and if you are a pre-Reformation cleric of the Province of Nidaros perhaps you have found it a useful guide to the recitation of your Breviary.

For next year I might content myself with publishing a monthly kalendar.


  1. Many thanks for persevering with this series: we've had a good year.

  2. Thanks, Ttony. Even the tiny amount of work I've done on this blog makes me appreciate all the more the huge amount you've been doing at 'The Muniment Room'!