Saturday, 3 October 2015

Nidaros ordo

Sunday 4 October. SAINT FRANCIS, confessor, double. Commemoration of the Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity. Anthem after Compline: Ave regina celorum.
Monday 5. Feria II. Sub tuum presidium.
Tuesday 6. St Faith, virgin martyr, three lessons. Com. St Eskill, bishop and martyr. O florens rosa.
Wednesday 7. St Birgitta, widow, semidouble. Com. St Mark, pope, Ss Marcellus & Apuleius. Rogamus te.
Thursday 8. St Demetrius, martyr, three lessons. Ave stella matutina.
Friday 9. St Denis and his companions, martyrs, single. Mundi domina.
Saturday 10. St Gereon and his companions, martyrs, three lessons. Salve regina.

Twa-three items of local interest here. St Eskill was an Anglo-Saxon missionary to Sweden; in most places his feast is observed on 12 June - why not here? St Bridget of Sweden is rather grudgingly categorised as a vidua in the Breviary calendar; in the body of the book she is a sponsa christi.

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