Saturday, 1 August 2015

Nidaros ordo

Sunday 2 August. Ninth Sunday after Trinity. Commemorations of Saint Stephen, pope and martyr, and of the Octave of the Natale of St Olaf, king and martyr. Anthem after Compline: Alma redemptoris.
Monday 3. TRANSLATION OF ST OLAF, summum. Comm. of the Invention of St Stephen, protomartyr, and of Oct. Nat. Olaf. Sub tuum presidium.
Tuesday 4. Feria III in Oct. Nat. Olaf. Com. Transl. Olaf. O florens rosa.
Wednesday 5. Octave day of the Natale of St Olaf, semidoubleComm. Transl. Olaf, and St Oswald, martyr. Rogamus te.
Thursday 6. Transfiguration of the Lord, nine lessons. Comm. Transl. Olaf, and St Sixtus, pope. Ave stella matutina.
Friday 7. St Donatus, bishop and martyr, three lessons. Mundi domina.
Saturday 8. Vigil of St Laurence, martyr. Com. St Ciriacus and companions, martyrs. Salve regina.

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