Saturday, 6 June 2015

Nidaros ordo

Sunday 7 June. Sunday in the Octave of Corpus Christi. Commemoration of Second Sunday after Pentecost. Anthem after Compline: Ave regina celorum.
Monday 8. Saints Medard and Gildard, bishops, three lessons. Com. Oct. Corp. Sub tuum presidium.
Tuesday 9. Ss Primus and Felician, martyrs, three lessons. Com. Oct. Corp. O florens rosa.
Wednesday 10. Feria IV in Oct. Corp. Rogamus te.
Thursday 11. St Barnabas, apostle, semidouble. Com. Oct. Corp. Ave stella matutina.
Friday 12. St Basilides and his companions, martyrs, three lessons. Mundi domina.
Saturday 13. Sabbath. Salve regina.

St Barnabas and the Octave day of Corpus Christi are both semidoubles. I tossed a coin. There may be a rubric somewhere to cover this occurrence, but I have yet to find it.


  1. How curious that St Barnabas' feast wasn't made a double following Boniface VIII's bull 'Gloriosus' of 1295.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I'm afraid I am not familiar with 'Gloriosus'. Does it dictate that apostles should be celebrated with feasts of double rank? If so, it does seem curious that Nidaros gives that honour to St Matthias, but not to St Barnabas.

  3. Yes, Gloriosus dictates exactly that for the apostles and the four Latin doctors. Prior to 1295 feasts of apostles were most often celebrated as semidoubles. Perhaps the bishop of Nidaros didn't receive his copy of the bull! I don't see a consistent pattern to the rankings in the Nidaros kalendar.