Wednesday, 1 April 2015

News from Nowhere 8

A new issue of Latin Liturgy is out this month, and my "News from Nowhere" column is concerned with liturgy-related videos online. I shall embed some videos in this post, for your convenience, and provide links to other web pages mentioned in the article. N.B. Some of these links play videos automatically, so have your volume turned down if you don't want to startle your colleagues/upset the librarian/wake the cat up.

Steve George's chant training video series is explained here.

An example:

(A video of "Video caelos"; see what i did there?)

Cf. Marek Klein's "Graduale Project".


Although I mention it a little later in the article, this is also a good place to link to the chant videos from Corpus Christi Watershed.


Lent - Third Sunday: Introit Oculi Mei from Corpus Christi Watershed on Vimeo.

Jeremy de Satgé's 2010 talk to the Latin Liturgy Association (USA):

The National Trust's short film about the Lyme Park Missal:

A post on the New Liturgical Movement blog about this film clip from Christmas Holiday (1944):

The opening titles of True Confessions (1981):

Elvis sings the Offertory in Change of Habit (1969):

The Vatican channel on Youtube.

The PapalMusic channel; and an example of it what it provides:

A series of short films about the Birmingham Oratory.

A video about the Gregorian Chant Network's annual course:

(The GCN has a blog too.)

The Picard music collection put online by "Firminus". (These fascinating recordings were being circulated on cassette tapes, like pop bootlegs, when I first heard them nearly twenty years ago. The internet does make some things so much easier!)

The British Pathé archive website, which includes footage of the consecration of Downside Abbey church (1935); the coronation of Pope Paul VI (1963); and Mass in the trenches.

The Greek Divine Liturgy at the monastery of Veljusa, Macedonia:

A blog post by Fr Simon Henry including some films made at Ushaw College in the 1960s, including Midnight Mass (1962):

Another Christmas Mass (2008) from Notre Dame de Paris:

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