Saturday, 6 December 2014

Nidaros ordo

Sunday 7 December. SECOND SUNDAY OF ADVENT. Com. Oct. Andr. Anthem: De te virgo.
Monday 8. CONCEPTION OF THE VIRGIN MARY. Summum. Com. Oct. Andr. De te virgo.
Tuesday 9. St Anne, mother of Mary, semidouble. Com. Oct. Conc. Ne timeas.
Wednesday 10. Feria IV. Com. Oct. Conc. Ne timeas.
Thursday 11. Ss Victoricus & Fuscian, martyrs, three lessons. Comm. St Damasus, and Oct. Conc. Ne timeas.
Friday 12. Feria VI. Com. Oct. Conc. Ne timeas.
Saturday 13. St Lucy, virgin martyr, simple. Comm. translation of St Magnus, and Oct. Conc. De te virgo.

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